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This site is ” All About Tech “, and is fully dedicated to technology. We intend to give you best quality and interesting tech articles. We give cool tech updates, tricks, comparisons and a lot more, to keep you updated and one step ahead of others. We aim to be your ” One Stop Destination For All Gizmos and Gadgets News, Reviews, Updates, Leaks, Comparisons and Much More ” (and we really mean it). At last, here we would proudly like to welcome you to the world full of Excitement and Technology.

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Aishwar Babber, a tech enthusiast, and specially in love with smartphones and gadgets. He loves blogging and writing about latest technology and started blogging from 2014 and is quite serious about it.
He is a student of 12th grade and apart from blogging he is a pc gamer and also loves to play outdoor games such as cricket, football, basket ball etc..
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